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Thanks for the customers' testimonials listed below.

February, 16, 2010

I just spoke to a customer of mine that ordered some of the Accuflex shafts... and he passed along a bit of feedback. He was "very pleased with the service" and the order person "was very nice and efficient".

I was really pleased to hear this as when I refer customers direct to a company for an order, how it's handled is reflected on me and I appreciate the great job.  ....


John Muir from Michigan

August, 1, 2006

Dear Sir,

I bought a set of your clubs and my scores went down 10 shots,  the people I play with are pulling those clubs out of my bag and wondering what are those things anyway,  where did you get these all this stuff?  these irons go straight,  I've sliced the ball for 35 yrs... NOW ON THE BAG.

Please send me a catalog of your clubs. Never seen your ads in no paper or TV or other places. LOVE THESE IRONS. SEND ME CATALOG PLEASE.

Matthew S. Erickson from Florida