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Integra SoooLong 175 Driver

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The lightest driver in golf with the lightest swing weight on the market.

The Integra Sooolong 175 non offset head weighs just 175 grams (compared with 200 grams for most driver heads). When combined with the Integra Sooolong 45 gram shaft and lightweight grip (which we highly suggest to get the full benefits from this club head) this produces a golf driver that is significantly lighter than other drivers. This lighter weight and longer length (47") driver naturally promotes a faster swing speed for added momentum upon impact. The physics formula is Energy equals Mass times the Square of the Velocity, thereby adding distance to your drives. This light weight driver is designed for all skill levels and will allow you to hit the longest tee shots of your life. The technology is revolutionary!

The special heat treating process this driver face goes through makes it super hard; producing a face that is so hard that momentum is transferred to the ball when struck with significantly more magnitude to make a driver that is Soooooo Looooong that it is just crazy long.

Made from 15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium, the Sooolong 175 driver head has 460cc of volume, a lie of 58 degrees, a face height of 60mm, a face width of 95mm, a hosel depth of 36mm with a hosel parallel tip of .335, a face angle of 1 degree closed. NOTE: Because of the lighter head (175 Grams), we suggest to use one flex softer than you normally use. For example, if you normally play stiff, use a regular flex. Standard length is 47 inches long.


  • Material: 15-3-3-3 Beta Titanium
  • Face Height: 60mm
  • Face Width: 95mm
  • Hosel Depth: 36mm
  • Face Angle: Square
  • Finish: Black
  • Diameter: 335 Parallel Tip


Loft Lie Volume Weight RH/LH
7.5° 58° 460 175 RH
9.5° 58° 460 175 RH/LH
10.5° 58° 460 175 RH/LH
12° 58° 460 175 RH/LH
14° 58° 460 175 RH/LH